About Us

Catie Morrison holds an honours degree in experimental and theoretical physics, postgraduate qualifications in the communication of science and secondary education, and Masters degrees in teaching English as a second language and in theological studies.

She has taught in university, TAFE, secondary and primary school institutions across the state, independent and Catholic sectors. Most of her teaching experience has been at secondary school level. She has tutored primary, secondary and tertiary students, indigenous Australians (through ATAS) and refugees/immigrants (through AMES). She also tutors students on behalf of Ronald McDonald House. Catie is trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Catie is passionate about the concept of 'human flourishing' - helping people thrive and grow, whatever stage of life they are at. Whether you're struggling to achieve a goal, trying to break a long-standing habit, or feel you're not achieving your potential in your studies, in Catie you'll find compassionate listening and practical suggestions for moving forward.

Having extensive pastoral care experience, Catie has a solid understanding of what makes young people tick and the challenges many face. She understands the need that each individual has to be seen and understood on their own terms. Catie has enjoyed academic success herself, and one of her great delights is not only experiencing "Aha!" moments, but sharing them with her students. Catie also believes that helping students develop a 'mastery' mindset during adolescence can contribute to long lasting well-being in later life.






Catie Morrison