To achieve ongoing success, students must be equipped with the tools to create success.

School Mentoring, combining tutoring and personal coaching, not only supports students in reaching their academic goals but sets them on the path to future well-being.

Studies have shown that international students can benefit from support in integrating into an Australian learning environment, including expert English as a Second Language tuition.

Welcome to Morrison Mentoring

Morrison Mentoring is all about human flourishing. We help our clients build strategies for success, and foundations for well-being. We do this through workshops, mentoring and tutoring.

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Morrison Mentoring workshops feature evidence-based content delivered in an engaging, client-focussed manner. For upcoming workshops, visit our Events page. Morrison Mentoring can also deliver workshops at your workplace, community centre or club. 


Sometimes we all need a helping hand to achieve our potential. Whether you're working towards a goal or trying to change a long-standing habit, some mentoring sessions will support you in reaching your objective. For example: how is your New Year's resolution progressing? Would you like some help in keeping it? 

Specialist mentoring services include focussed intervention to help individuals attain specific goals, helping students achieve their potential and supporting beginning teachers as they become effective educators.


Morrison Mentoring is not 'just' another tutoring service. The mentor provides expert support in key subjects such as maths, physics and English as a Second Language, and also has many years' experience in providing pastoral care to young people. Morrison Mentoring is not just about helping students achieve academic objectives in the present, but preparing students for future success and well-being.

Morrison Mentoring specializes in School Mentoring. Starting from the premise that each student is an individual, with unique aspirations and unique barriers to achieving them, School Mentoring takes a holistic approach to students' performance and draws on contemporary research in educational and motivational psychology to help students get more out of their education - and more out of life!

We don't have space for new students in our tutoring program at present, however, if you'd like to go on the wait list, please contact us


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...her smile and positive energy is so contagious that she makes you realize you can achieve anything you set your mind to; and if you don't know what that is yet, she'll help you figure that out too!

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Catie is still a friend of mine today and I believe without her support in the past, I might not have been able to complete studies in my final year of school. But I did, and I got into the University course I wanted.

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When I met Catie, it was the first moment in my high school career where I felt excited by learning. This was a direct result of Catie's own contagious enthusiasm as a teacher.

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